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Marina the Farrier (a specialist in equine hoof care)
A Farrier from a nearby town, she lost her husband while they were out on an adventure. Now lost on the roads, wanting only to go home, many people pass her up as a leper because she is ill and perpetually filthy. She has a pleasant demeanor, and is non confrontational, if anything often trying to find compromise in a situation.

HumanCitizenHP: 30AC: 11
Str: 14Dex: 12Con: 16Int: 11Wis: 11Cha: 16

Quests Available:
  • Escort Marina the Farrier back to her home (1)
  • Find the whereabouts of Marina's husband, living or dead (2)
  • Find if there's a cure for Marina's Illness (3)

  • HumanCitizenHP: 30AC: 12
    Str: 17Dex: 14Con: 17Int: 11Wis: 15Cha: 14

  • Find and bring back a piece of meteor rock. (1)

    Orator Guld (one who gives speeches)
    A war criminal from years ago, Guld's greatest crime is his inability to keep a secret. In fact, he is so incapable of keeping a secret he actually volunteered information to the enemy in a previous war that caused the country to lose a vast amount of land in battle to them. He has since become an Orator, preaching about love and peace - however he has few followers because he still has a habit of outing people's secrets. Several people have attacked him as a result, and one such beat down left him with a permanent limp.

    HumanCitizenHP: 25AC: 10
    Str: 10Dex: 15Con: 5Int: 3Wis: 1Cha: 16

    Quests Available:
  • Help Solve a murder (1)
  • Rescue him from a beat down (2)
  • Find or Clean out a bandit's hideout (3)

    Drishnnmos the Hornmaker
    A former slave, he now works as a hornmaker, and wants to earn enough money to be able to retire. He has the odd quirk of collecting tiny useless objects, like pens, pencils, silverware etc. And if there's anything that anyone can say about his appearance, it's that he has HUGE muttonchop sideburns. He is also absolutely /terrified/ of [Monster].

    HumanCitizenHP: 20AC: 13
    Str: 12Dex: 15Con: 11Int: 6Wis: 12Cha: 11

    Quests Available:
  • Defeat [Monster] (1)

    Tay the Coffinmaker
    A refuge from a land overrun by evil, he didn't have the best reputation, if only because he makes coffins for a living. I mean come on, who wants to hang around with someone like that. However, he wants to change that reputation, and apparently he wants to do that by making booze illegally. If anything can be said about his appearance, it's his huge schnozz. He'd be an easy going person if not for the fact that he constantly disregards his own precious pupsy wupsy.

    HumanCitizenHP: 22AC: 14
    Str: 14Dex: 12Con: 6Int: 15Wis: 18Cha: 3

    Quests Available:
  • Deliver illegally made boozehol Without getting caught. (1)

    Pel the Ostler (one who takes care of horses/mules)
    Raised by a troll father and a human mother, he takes more after his mother in looks than his father. Save for a severe overbite, and a habit of excessively blinking. Like. Really excessively. Ostracized for most of his life he has a tendency to make snap judgements about people. If there's anything he wants out of life, however, it's to marry his childhood sweetheart. Sadly she does not feel the same way.

    HumanCitizenHP: 15AC: 17
    Str: 7Dex: 20Con: 6Int: 4Wis: 3Cha: 5

    Quests Available:
  • Protect Pel from bigots (1)
  • Acquire Love potion (2)

    Ald'dana the Soothsayer
    Falsely convicted for stealing, Ald'dana lost an eye during a prison riot and escape, though an artificer mage had managed to recreate a false eye out of glass for him. Though he has a habit of mumbling a word that rhymes with the last word that was spoken, he is excessively polite with overblown gestures and bows. Allegedly there is an orc in his family, but it is the least of his concern - truthfully he wants to prove the existance of life after death.

    HumanCitizenHP: 15AC: 14
    Str: 10Dex: 13Con: 5Int: 1Wis: 6Cha: 20

    Quests Available:

    Cheew'i the Haberdasher
    A former prostitute, Cheewi has a positive outlook on life despite having a deformed leg she keeps hidden beneath long skirts. Despite her background she is innocent in mind - or perhaps it is a result of her background. Whatever the reason, she needs explanation of even the simplest of objects, and is often ignored due to the fact that she constantly claims she can hear voices in the graveyard.

    HumanCitizenHP: 45AC: 14
    Str: 3Dex: 18Con: 14Int: 14Wis: 5Cha: 3

    Quests Available:
  • Find a healer to fix her deformed leg
  • Help Cheew'i climb a mountain
  • Investigate the graveyard

    Ale'ser the Composer
    A recovering addict, this harelipped individual's most annoying - and endearing trait - is his habit of giggling at everything. EVERYTHING. He's extremely cheerful, and often sings songs equally cheery, even though he tends to giggle through them all. His one wish is to see the ocean.

    HumanCitizenHP: 44AC: 13
    Str: 6Dex: 9Con: 15Int: 15Wis: 4Cha: 4

    Quests Available:
  • Take Ale'ser to the ocean

    Asuni the Bailiff
    Asuni is not the most warm of people - she abandoned her husband and child because she needed a decent nigt's sleep, and her hair had turned prematurely grey from the stress. Stingy with her money, she constantly asks how much items are when shopping. And when not shopping.

    HumanCitizenHP: 11AC: 10
    Str: 9Dex: 8Con: 2Int: 6Wis: 6Cha: 6

    Quests Available:

    Simiel the Innkeeper
    A very chatty, gossipy man, Simiel never DOESN'T know what's going on in town. In fact, any time he doesn't know what's going on he's extremely disturbed. And because he knows so much about what goes on in town, it's hard to get him to talk about anything relevant. The one thing Simiel won't talk about is why he has so many tattoos all over his body.

    HumanCitizenHP: 19AC: 12
    Str: 9Dex: 18Con: 1Int: 8Wis: 5Cha: 16

    Quests Available:

    Ethereena the Nun
    A pious member of a prestigous and yet notoriously evil family, her past is littered by several failures. Despite her pierced ears, she has quite a mellow demeanor.

    HumanCitizenHP: 12AC: 10
    Str: 11Dex: 14Con: 13Int: 1Wis: 9Cha: 7

    Quests Available:

    Bel-nyon the Smuggler
    Bel, as she is known, tends to be a little shifty when she meets people. It's said she killed someone in self defense, although she doesn't speak about it. What is known is that she wants to start her own business - and that she has the most obnoxious pet, that she loves dearly.

    HumanCitizenHP: 32AC: 15
    Str: 11Dex: 5Con: 13Int: 20Wis: 14Cha: 15

    Quests Available:

    Um-er the Smith
    A former witch Hunter, Um-er's greatest wish is to become a hero. And for people to stop making fun of his name.

    HumanCitizenHP: 42AC: 15
    Str: 19Dex: 8Con: 5Int: 15Wis: 7Cha: 5

    Quests Available:

    Ran-ack the Armorer
    Ran-ack is an orphan who works alongside Um-er, and secretly wishes that he could see the ocean (who wouldn't?). He doesn't have many friends, particularly due to his perpetually dirty hands, but he does have more customers than Um-er, since he sells his goods at a discount.

    HumanCitizenHP: 35AC: 13
    Str: 14Dex: 2Con: 14Int: 3Wis: 15Cha: 8

    Quests Available:

    Um-Yer the Acrobat
    Um-Er's younger sister, she was a sickly, frail child in her youth, and now that she's healthy, she tends to be rash, reckless and takes on all the most dangerous things one can confront. Curiously her hands are clawed, which is said to have happened to her hands when she fell ill as a child. She was very clueless in her youth, and as such does not get jokes or metaphors. At. All.

    HumanCitizenHP: 35AC: 13
    Str: 15Dex: 12Con: 9Int: 6Wis: 7Cha: 19

    Quests Available:
  • Find a missing child
  • Fetch a monster snack

    Lyeon-tan the Artist
    Previously an innkeeper, Lyeon-tan now sells paintints he paints to try and avoid bankruptcy when his inn was burneed down by bandits. He wears glasses to see better, but requires explanations of different things that are not in his country.

    HumanCitizenHP: 35AC: 10
    Str: 12Dex: 7Con: 17Int: 11Wis: 17Cha: 2

    Quests Available:
  • REVEEEEEEEEEEENGE! on the bandits

    Vanilla the Unlucky
    Vanilla has brown hair and blue eyes, a sunny (if somewhat flakey) disposition and a streak of bad luck the size of an ocean. She's also super tall, at almost six and a half feet with a muscular build - many often have commented she seemed more man than woman, so her love life is severely lacking.
    Seriously how this girl manages to survive each day is a miracle. If she's not hurting herself falling out of bed, she's getting attacked by her own animals. But she has an upbeat and positive attitude, and a surprisingly durable body. Her goal is to be a great trainer, so she wants to travel and train various monsters and animals of the world.

    HumanCitizenHP: 35AC: 15
    Str: 19Dex: 10Con: 5Int: 15Wis: 2Cha: 20

    Quests Available:
  • Accompany her to capture/train a monster/animal (repeatable)
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