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Using this post for game mechanics and anyone who has questions can post them here, for responses.

I'll be adding some new features to the combat, for fun. The new feature being, Da da da dum~! The Critical Hit table referenced here which is just one of several charts that I researched an added to my pool of fun and evil.

  • In actual combat I'll reference the beasties that are being fought and track their hit points and any 'status effects' in the posts.
  • Be aware there -will- be potential for characters 'death', although I'll treat it as it goes in most RPGs and it'd be a 'knock out' rather than 'dead' since I don't wanna kill people's characters. However there will be a heavy penalty for any death after the first one. Financially the cost to 'resurrect' and heal a dead character will go higher after multiple deaths. Plus if your character died, you don't get the delicious XP.
  • In the case of a Total Party Kill, not only will you lose all your money, but a squirrel will follow you for three days throwing walnuts and mocking you. I'm serious.

    Skills and How to use them
    Characters -can- take skills not based on their class. If they are untrained, there is no modifier. If they take a non-class skill, they only use the ability/skill rank/racial modifier.

    Referenced: Here

    For example: You have an alchemist with a +3 modifier in a skill and you want to use that skill to craft a potion. The +3 mod means you add an additional three to your roll to increase the chance of success; so if the challege rating is 10, and your roll is 7, the additional 3 makes a success.

    If you're an alchemist that wants to say, do something that isn't a class skill or have any ranks in it then no modifier for you. So if you roll a 7, and the challenge rating is 10, then you don't succeed in whatever you're trying to do.

    Increasing Skill Mods
    If you have a 3 in Acrobatics, you can increase that by adding ranks as long as it's below the hit die

    Class Ranks
    If a character has a INT of 12 with a mod of +1, 4 Ranks in Craft: Weapons, he gets an additional +3 because it's a class skill. So, when rolling for something regarding the class skill, it will be with a +4 modifier.

    Further, if a character has a +1 modifier and 3 skill ranks per level (Fighter class) plus the additional +3 for all class skills ranks are in. These ranks are not stackable - meaning if you have two classes with a bonus 2 in one and a bonus 4 in another, you can't total them into 6.
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