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Having a little trouble finding a hook for your character? Here is a post that will list a few things on each race; how the society as a whole views them, as well as the general opinion of their own races. This will be updated per the actions of the characters and how opinion of them changes - or doesn't.

Half Orcs : Are the least favored of races, and the most unfairly treated. They get charged the highest prices or outright refused service, or given low qualify things when they are given service, and any time there's trouble or if they're in town, they are immediately being watched by the guards, as they are the first to be approached when trouble is afoot.
But not only do other races dislike half orcs, for fair and unfair reasons (after all, some half orcs and orcs DO kind of ask for it when they can't control their temper, or are of a more skewed morality; but even full blooded orcs don't like half orcs. They'll be civil certainly, with an undercurrent of condescending attitude towards their 'lesser' kin.

Elves : Similar to their lesser half elf brethren, elves in the society tend to be very, very attractive. Most, easily find themselves in aristocratic positions when they are found in the city. Still others focus entirely on the spiritual and magical aspect of life. Few venture outside of their established homes, and with their long lives, they tend to deliberate on situations for a long time. Patience is their greatest virtue (and most frustrating virtue at the same time). Those who do venture outside of their cities and forests are often spiritualistic and calm, rarely rising to anger, and tend to only do so in search of gathering knowledge.

Dwarves : Enthusiastic partiers and skilled artisans, it is often dwarves that are approached whenever metals are involved, be it smithing or inquiring about the type of metals or where to find metals. Due to their long lives, they tend to be very set in their ways, and as they get older they occasionally become crotchety and antisocial. In their youth they are more reckless and social. Freespirited dwarves almost don't exist, as they tend to have their lives, and the lives of their offspring planned out for them well in advance.

Halflings : Oh Halflings. The oppressed of the oppressed, because of their diminutive stature, they just don't get the respect they should from other races. Rather, they get talked down to, or called adorable - because face it. They /are/ terribly cute, and it's no one's fault but the one that created them; who may or may not be the Lady of Pain. If she is indeed a goddess. But they are a very cheerful races (if not slightly bitter for want of respect), and are more than happy to use their looks to take advantage of those who don't regard them seriously. "Dohohoho, a halfling adventure, dat's so cuuuuute." is a common phrase tossed about, particularly by larger races.
Also, they tend to get stepped on a lot.

Gnomes : As mischeivous as the fey themselves, gnomes have an irritating tendency to get into everything. And I mean -everything-. Their life is their passion, and when something catches their interest they fixate on it almost obsessively. Above all else, they love laughter, pulling pranks and having fun. It's good the first little while, but hang around with a gnome long enough and it isn't a big surprise why some people may start looking into Gnome Punting as a game. Guards in particular are wary when a gnome comes into town, because they tend to also be behind any number of mischievous troubles; from missing prison keys to throwing all the shoes in the fountain, and worse.

Half Elves : Half elves aren't nearly so mistreated as half orcs, primarily due to the attractiveness they have, with a mix of the human beauty and the ethereal features of the elves. However, they also tend to find it difficult to fit in among either of the races, and so often take to wandering, the nature of an adventurer well suited for them. It is a lonely life, as no matter how welcoming the elves may be to their 'lesser' kin, they still treat them as inferior to a full elf. Due to their spiritual nature and their affinity to nature, they also tend to call themselves guardians of the land, and live amongst it, some even going so far as to isolate themselves from other people, and taking a hostile attitude towards strangers; particularly humans.

Humans : Humans are awesome. :D (... i'm sorry)


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